Tiugr started operations in the year 2000, as an extension to the work of the languages department in the University of Grandada. It is a known fact that the region is rich in language and culture. As we worked on fascinating literature in Spanish, the thought to take this notable work to a wider audience emerged. Acting upon this idea, coupled with the concept of giving practical exposure to students on translation, led to the establishment of the translation services.

The translating services which are offered solely for translation from Spanish to English are not simply a commercial concept. This is a concept that puts theoretical lessons to test for our students. It also works advantageous for clients and customers, as they get the services at the fraction of costs which are charged commercially. Finally, the quality of the work is not compromised at any step, as the work of students is overlooked by their mentors.


Having operated for two decades now, Tiugr has today emerged as a pioneer translation service for many people. Whichever part of the world one may reside in, access to our services is just a click away. Also, with a prominent university heading the venture, clients are assured of quality, timeliness and dependability.

About the University of Grandada

The University of Grandada started operations in 1731. This is a public university where over 80,000 students study every year. Known to be the fourth largest University in Spain, the University of Grandada is well known for its courses on architecture, fine arts, science, labour studies, health sciences and others. Known for its famous center for Modern Languages, one can expect that the translation services offered here are among the best in the country.

Choosing the right translation services is key, as mistakes in translation can have legal implications as well. A few qualities that make us the chosen name for translation services is our knowhow in

1. Languages: Our team of translators is well versed both in English and Spanish. This understanding of languages is critical in giving a high quality output. While clients often prefer to work with translating agencies that deal with more than 2 languages, it is more advisable to choose quality over quantity. We at Tiugr, bring that quality in languages to the table.

2. Cultural understanding: The undertones of work in any language showcases the culture of a region. This cultural understanding becomes even more important while translating advertisements or articles. Therefore a cultural knowhow can make a huge difference to the quality of translation. Our team is made up of members from diverse backgrounds, who make this possible.

3. Expertise: While final year students run the entire show at tiugr, it is our smart mentors that share their expertise and experiences, which enhances the quality of work. As translating is not just about knowing languages, they provide guidance and support across domains of work.

4. Reliability: Being affiliated with one of the best universities that deals with languages, makes us a reliable choice. You can be rest assured that your work is in safe hands.