Tiugr Services

A range of services are offered by Tiugr in translations. As the service gains expertise and experience, here is all that is being offered.

  • Book translations

    All kinds of Spanish literature can be translated into English. In this regard, our translators work closely with the Spanish authors in order to ensure that any elements or thoughts are not lost in the process.

  • On site translations

    Our translators can also be hired as part of events, which require live translation. So whether it be theatre or an event with a Spanish speaker, our translators can provide on site translations.

  • Advertising and promotional translations

    Going beyond just providing literal translations, our team also ensures that no cultures are offended in advertising and promotional translations. This is of special importance, as advertising and promotional translations need to be catchy and impactful, along with being non offensive.

  • Online translations

    As seminars, workshops and events go online, our translators can also be a live part of the online proceedings and provide immediate translation services.

  • Technical translations

    If your organization seeks translations of materials that are scientific, legal, financial or subject related, our translators can help too. We would however require the support of subject matter experts in order to ensure the best end product.

  • Subtitles and voice overs

    We also provide subtitles for your videos. Voice overs can also be provided in Spanish and English.


When you hire one of ours, then you can be assured that you’re hiring one of the best. Here is some more information to help you in deciding about us.

Our charges

Depending upon the project, we can either be hired on an hourly, weekly, monthly, annually or even a retainership basis. The rates charged for each of our projects differs, and depends upon the size of the translation, the technicality involved and deadlines requested. In order to know what our charges for your project could be, do not hesitate to write to us.

Our process

Once you choose to work with us, the process followed will be as under:

  1. 1. The first step involves you sending us your document or project details. Based on this, the time-frame, charges and other details can be decided upon.
  2. 2. An initial discussion pertaining the work will then take place between client and translator, depending on a time convenient to you. A time frame with deadlines about the drafts and final file, will then be set.
  3. 3. A team of translators will be chosen for your project, depending upon its size.
  4. 4. The payment strategy of hourly, monthly or retainership will then be decided upon between the translator and you.
  5. 5. Usually we work with 3 time frames, and send first and second drafts, followed by the final file.
  6. 6. Translators will constantly update you about the progress, and share the document from time to time.
  7. 7. While 50% of the payment needs to be in advance, the remaining 50% needs to be paid at the time of final submission.