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If you have a query, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We would be happy to assist you in any way we can.

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If you wish to get a quote from us regarding your project, do write to us. Based on your requirements, technicality of the project and time frames, we can send you a preliminary quote. Additionally, if you’d like to hire an interpreter, or are looking at subtitles or live translations for online events, do share the details and a quote will be given accordingly.

Translation services

If you’re looking at our translation services and would like to get a better understanding of our expertise, then do write in. Please share details about your project including your deadlines, and one of our team members will respond.

Become a part

If you’re passionate about translations just like us, then do become a part of our services. Write to us, using the subject line ‘Become a part of translations’ and we will send you a short test. If you’re able to clear the exam, you can intern with us. During this phase you will be mentored by one of our mentors, and if you clear the phase smoothly, you can become a part of our team of translators.

Join the courses

There are various options for joining our courses on translations. Depending on the time frames you have, you can be a part of the 1 month full time or 3 months course too. There are basic and advanced options as well. Do write to us, and we can share details about both our online and on-campus courses. Special concessions and privileges are available for students of the University who are already part of other courses here.

For other queries

If you have any other queries regarding the translation services, do write in. Any questions pertaining to our work schedules, subject technicality and concerns can be addressed here as well. You can also discuss details of your project with our mentors, in order to make a good choice on the right kind of translation services for you.

Support our work

As we try to work in a cost effective manner, dedicating a lot of our time to translation services that keep Spanish alive, we’re in need of funds to improve our services. You too can fund our cause for supporting the languages, by supporting our teachers and students through scholarships. These cash donations can be made for the best students, the mentors and even Tiugr in general.

Share your feedback

Your feedback motivates us and helps us improve our services constantly. In fact, it is the motivating words of our customers in the past years, that push us to do better every time. So if you’ve used our services and would like to share your experiences, we’d love to hear from you.